What’s the Difference Between CBD and Marijuana?

In recent years, there has been a growing level of acceptance for cannabis and its many uses. In the past, the establishment largely rallied against this drug and there were strict penalties for those who were found to be in possession of cannabis.
Thankfully, in recent years as people have become more educated when it comes to cannabis; they have started to understand that there are many benefits associated with regular cannabis use and that the side effects are not as pronounced as it was once thought.
The laws in many areas of the United States have been slackened, as well in other countries across the world, whether it is for medical or recreational purposes. The likes of Portugal decriminalized cannabis consumption (as well as other drugs) and their country saw many positive effects as a result of this move.
However, there are still a few things that people are uncertain about when it comes to cannabis. One of the main distinctions that often cause confusion is when something is called marijuana and something else is referred to as being CBD.

What is CBD?

CBD is something that has received a lot of attention over the past few years. In the past, it was the compound THC that received most of the press when the topic of cannabis came up in conversation as a result of its psychoactive nature. However, now CBD is talked about just as much, not because it is psychoactive but because it is being shown to have a lot of great potential health benefits.
Sufferers of many ailments have reported an easing of their symptoms as a result of their use of CBD, and they can use it without having to smoke or consume any THC. It comes in many different forms, such as in topical creams and vaporizer oil.
While research is still in the early stages, there have been a lot of positive signs that point towards CBD having the ability to help with a variety of different health issues. Often times, it seems to be effective for pain relief, which inherently helps to ease suffering in many debilitating conditions.

There has been evidence showing that CBD might be able to provide great relief for those suffering with epilepsy, for example, and it is now commonly used as a treatment option. It could also possess certain anti-inflammatory properties, which may help with pain relief. CBD is able to influence a variety of different receptors in systems that are found throughout the body in order to cause these effects.
The case that caught a lot of mainstream attention concerned a little girl. The girl, named Charlotte Figi, had been suffering from a particularly rare form of epilepsy that is called Dravet syndrome. As a result of this, at five years old she was not able to communicate with other people.

It is only found in one in every 30,000 people across the world, and there are not many warning signs before the sufferer regresses in a rapid manner. Sufferers are subjected to regular, intense seizures which lead to convulsions and loss of consciousness over the course of many hours.

Charlotte and her family were dealing this for years and tried all different types of treatment options that were not very effective. They had nearly run out of options when they turned to CBD. This turned out to be the saving grace for Charlotte and her family.
It became the landmark case which is still used far and wide to show the positive medical benefits that CBD use could have for those suffering from certain conditions. Charlotte was using products that were high in CBD.
Before starting this treatment form, she was having more than 300 seizures weekly, with them lasting as long as fifteen minutes at a time. When she started to use CBD oil as a treatment option, she did not have a single seizure for the next week. This is how the story first broke out, and it set off a trend that has helped thousands of people who are suffering with serious medical conditions.

What is marijuana?

Marijuana is known by many different names, including pot, weed and ganja. People consume marijuana in many different forms, whether it is through smoking, vaping, or in its edible form by implementing it as part of everyday food items like brownies.
Its consumption is used for both recreational and medical purposes. Many people find that the consumption of marijuana is a good way to relax and unwind, often acting as a distresser. There are thousands of different varieties of marijuana, often having drastically different effects.

Some, for example are grown in a way that maximizes its THC content. This is done with the goal of having a marijuana strain that is as psychoactive in its nature as possible. Other times, growers will try to maximize the CBD content as much as possible, while keeping the THC content to a minimum.
This is the main type of strain that is preferred by people solely consuming marijuana for its medical benefits, as they want to get the health benefits without having to experience the high.

What is the difference between CBD and marijuana?

Marijuana refers to the general plant that provides compounds such as CBD and THC, whereas CBD is one of the compounds in marijuana that is known for its health benefits. As mentioned, there are thousands of different strains of marijuana which are manipulated through various growing techniques.
The general term ‘marijuana’ does not differentiate between the different strains, whereas CBD refers to a specific compound that is found in marijuana. Most marijuana is going to contain some amount of CBD.
If you take any type of marijuana strain, it is not necessarily going to have any health benefits for the consumer, as the CBD content might be extremely minimized. On the other hand, if you are dealing with a CBD product, you know you are going to benefit from it provided you have taken the right dose.
Of course, while you presume you are getting health benefits with CBD, you don’t know how your own specific body is going to react to consumption. Just like with anything, it needs to be tried and tested to see if it is the appropriate fit your body and your specific needs. Marijuana is more generalized than that, and you may react differently to different forms of marijuana.
Whatever the case may be, the key difference between these two terms is that CBD is the compound in marijuana that provides a lot of health benefits, whereas marijuana itself is a more broad term for the actual plant.