Is it Legal to Buy CBD Oil Online?

CBD oil has many great benefits that are finally now being spread to the masses. There is more information about this treatment option available now than ever before. In the past, people were sceptical about its uses, but new research is starting to be released which shows positive results in terms of its benefits.
One of the big issues around the purchasing of CBD oil is whether or not it is currently legal in your locality. Of course, it is straightforward to know whether or not you can use marijuana recreationally in your region, but it is not so straightforward to know whether you can buy CBD oil.
For the most part, it is probably easy enough to access CBD oil wherever you are located. Most health food stores will stock it, as well as thousands of online stories. These oils are being pushed as a great health cure and pain relief option. There are a variety of ways you can administer CBD, whether it is topically or orally.
However, it is still in a bit of a legal grey area when it comes to buying it online.

Popularity of Hemp

The majority of CBD oil comes from hemp. Therefore, it is going to have less than 0.3% THC in it. However, the United States Drug Enforcement Agency is still considering marijuana to be a Schedule 1 controlled substance. This puts it in the same league as the likes of meth and heroin.
Despite this, thousands of manufacturers across the United States are producing CBD products. In 2017, the sales for CBD reached $350 million, with this figure estimate to bypass the $1 billion mark in 2020.
If you are in the United States, it is easy to purchase CBD oil online. Many celebrities are pushing it through their social media platforms, and it now comes as a part of all sorts of different products, such as candy, face oil and coffee.
Already, the World Health Organization (WHO) has come to the conclusion that there is no harm in CBD and it is no longer on the list of banned substances by the World Anti-Doping Agency.

How is Hemp Grown?

Most producers of hemp will point towards the Farm Bill of 2014 to showcase that their business operations are in fact legal. This provision gives the ability to people to create and produce hemp for the purpose of research.
This is through pilot programs being run by the department agencies in different states, or as part of university programs.
Industrial hemp, as part of this provision, is a cannabis plant that has under 0.3% THC in it. So far, 40 states in the country already have these pilot programs running, which allows for the cultivation of hemp in these regions.
When it comes to the other ten states, it is a felony to grow hemp if it is not part of a pilot or research program. This is even the case if the hemp has absolutely zero THC content; you will be prosecuted in the same way as if you were producing meth or heroin.
For those growers covered by the Farm Bill, they are being encouraged to add this to their labelling. Otherwise, the person buying the CBD oil will not know if it was grown in a legal manner or not.

Selling CBD Oil

The big caveat to the Farm Bill is that, while it gives growers the permission to cultivate hemp, it does not allow them to sell it. Many people misinterpret this bill and believe that they can start producing hemp en masse and then sell it to the market.
It is generally tolerated though, and the selling ban is not really enforced. As per the laws, it is illegal to sell. Therefore, if you are shipping in hemp that was grown as part of this Farm Bill then it can be interpreted as breaking the law.
Of course, the authorities aren’t going to have the time or resources to chase up on the tens of thousands of people buying CBD products online. There are more important priorities they are concerned about, such as the opioid crisis that is spreading rapidly across the nation. Plus, many CBD oils come from hemp produced in other countries where it is legal to do so.

Issues with CBD Oil

Of course, issues can arise as a result of this legal ambiguity. There have been some issues in recent times whereby producers and sellers believed they were doing nothing wrong by selling these hemp products.
They are misinformed for the most part. If CBD was to eventually have its classification changed, this would need to be done through the scheduling process, which requires a lot of analysis and research by the FDA and DEA, or else Congress needs to pass legislation.
There is a movement that is pushing for change. They are saying that the farms growing hemp have been able to employ people previously involved in the tobacco business.
You can grow tobacco and hemp in the same soil. One of these products kills people and the other helps a lot of people, yet the latter is illegal and the former is allowed. There is a further need to bring regulation into the sector to ensure that all products are safe and tested, ensuring that they are what they are claiming to be.

State Laws in the United States

Currently, there are nine different states where recreational marijuana is acceptable. Therefore, CBD is also legal in these states, which are as follows: Washington, Vermont, Oregon, Nevada, Massachusetts, Maine, Colorado, California and Alaska, in addition to the District of Columbia.
In addition, a number of states have medical cannabis legal, and they include Connecticut, Florida, Delaware, Georgia, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico and Oklahoma.

CBD Legality in Europe

There are many European countries where medicinal use of cannabis is legal. These include Italy, Spain, Romania, Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium and Austria.
You can also legally cultivate hemp in a lot of European places. The UK has similar laws to the US, where a license is required to grow hemp, but CBD itself is not a controlled substance.


It was only recently that Canada fully legalized the recreational use of cannabis. Therefore, it is extremely easy for you to get your hands on CBD there, and it is legal for you to use.

So, is it Legal to Buy CBD Online?

Just like with any matter whereby there is a grey area within the law, you need to do your own homework on the issue. You should check out the latest laws in your jurisdiction and see how they apply to your situation.
The legal situation is constantly changing, so it is worth your while to stay up to date with the latest news on the topic. It is better to be safe than sorry when conducting this research, so there is no harm in asking professionals about their knowledge on the legality issue.